Coaching: Intuitive Energy Work, Health & Life Coaching

Roots Experience

Single Session 50 Minute Intuitive Subtle Body Energy Scan, Reading and Guidance. Appropriate for a single issue question or focus. Grounding techniques will be shared for you to include in your daily practice.

Guiding Light

Intuitive Energy Guidance Single 90 minute Session

Includes Intuitive Subtle Body Energy Scan, Reading and Guidance with focus on receiving a word, phrase or something to ground to as a guiding light, a place for your energetic intentions to land. The energetic version of a new years resolution (the time of year is irrelevant to this practice). Three useful energy techniques will be shared for you to incorporate into your daily practice.


Embody You: 3 Month, 6 Call Program+

Grounding, Centering  and Clearing Practices for Embodiment:

Feeling off balance? Out of Sorts? Lacking Focus or Clarity? Questioning what's next? If you are wanting to make some specific changes to your health & lifestyle while increasing your intuitive abilities, then this introductory program is for you. Additional resources are shared.

Flustered to Flourishing: 6 Month, 12 Call Program+​

Can't see the forest thru the trees? Feeling Tense and Unsure? No idea what's next? Need some sense of direction, peace, purpose, safety? Wondering how to create abundance, joy? Or do you desire to make many changes in your relationships and lifestyle? New habits that are sustainable take time. I really enjoy seeing the incredible transformations that occur as a result of these 6 month coaching programs. Many tools and resources are provided.

Discovery Call: If you are unsure which of these opportunities are the best for you or if I am the coach you want to work with, this 15 minute discovery session is a free call for you to explore your inquiry and for us to decide if we are a good fit for us to work together.



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