About Me

As a YOGA Facilitator: I started the practice of yoga in the early 2000's. I didn't know how or why, but it intuitively spoke to me as something that would help me feel better. The mind, body, spirit concepts drew me to it. So many of my experiences had begun to give me a feeling of disconnect, at work, in my community, within myself. It felt pervasive and I started to notice how I was doubting myself, questioning my beliefs, challenging myself to reevaluate my life, but I felt ill equipped to do so. Yoga helped me immensely. I would arrive at my mat tired, stressed, scattered and ungrounded, but leave with a sense of wellbeing. Each time I returned to the mat was a similar, but different experience.

 My mission is to facilitate classes that inspire students of yoga to connect and align with their inner wisdom and creativity. My vision is to make yoga accessible to all.

What kind of yoga do I teach? I would say it evolves as I evolve. Right now, I am teaching mostly Yin and Slow Flow. My 200-hour teacher training was in The Kaivalya Yoga Method (have completed most of the course work for the 500-hour training) The Kaivalya Yoga Method is based on intelligently sequenced Vinyasa, derived from the Ashtanga Yoga Method. I have certifications to teach Laughter Yoga and Let Your Yoga Dance. I want to delve into trauma informed yoga training next.

My educational background in the wellness arts includes Health Coaching graduate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Reiki Practitioner, 18 years of Energy Work study including two long term apprenticeship programs with master energy workers, an Energy Worker certification from Normandale College and 18 years of work study with other highly intuitive energy healers.  Intuitive Energy Worker, Health & Life Coaching is empowering work that I am deeply passionate about.

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My Philosophy for Health, Life & Intuitive Energy Coaching


I believe we all have a unique ability to read energy. We do so in a variety of ways, from seeing, hearing to sensing, feeling.  After working with reading energy for many years I have realized that I am able to see, hear and sense a variety of energies that enable me to ask questions to assist clients in becoming aware of what, where and how they are experiencing these energies and how they may relate to recurring patterns. Once the energy is seen, it is possible to clear, unblock and free ourselves from these long held patterns and beliefs. Having experienced many profound changes as a result of the energy work coaching and mentoring services that I have received, I am inspired to offer this work as a Health, Life & Intuitive Energy Coach as a way of helping others.